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The Ultimate Welsh Motorcycle Tour!

Overview: Experience the Aberystwyth Tour, a 2-day motorcycle adventure boasting arguably the best interconnected route any rider could dream of. Our journey begins in Chester, heading towards Bala and cruising through the scenic Lake Vyrnwy. After a delightful pub lunch (alcohol-free), we rev up for an exhilarating ride through the stunning Elan Valley, leading us to our overnight stay in Aberystwyth. Once at the hotel, we’ll unwind with a quick drink, reflecting on the incredible day, and then gather for a shared evening meal. After a restful night, day 2 kicks off with a hearty breakfast as we embark on a different route, heading south to Devils Bridge before tracing our way back north via a now familiar yet distinct path, concluding our adventure back in Chester. Join us for two days of fantastic riding and camaraderie on the Aberystwyth Tour!

Duration:The Wales Tour is a captivating two-day motorcycle expedition, spanning an impressive 400 miles through Aberystwyth region. You’ll skilfully navigate through iconic bends and twists, passing by awe-inspiring landmarks such as Bala, Lake Vyrnwy, the renowned Mach Loop, the enchanting Ellan Valley and more! It’s certainly not a tour you’ll forget quickly.

Expert Guides: Ensuring both your safety and enjoyment are paramount to us, which is why we go above and beyond by providing not just one, but three highly skilled tour guides to lead the way. These guides possess extensive experience in touring and hold advanced certifications in motorcycling. With their wealth of expertise, they will offer invaluable insights and guarantee a smooth tour for everyone involved.

Group Size: Our tours are designed for intimate and personalized experiences. You’ll be part of a small group of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, with a maximum of eight customers. This allows for a friendly and sociable atmosphere, where you can share stories, make new friends, and create memories together.

Practicalities: Taking care of the practical details is our priority. After an exciting day on the road, you can relax knowing that we have arranged a cosy overnight stay at a charming hotel located in Aberystwyth. The hotel boasts an excellent variety of food and beverages, guaranteeing a delightful and restful evening for you. Rise and shine well-rested, as we kickstart day two with a breakfast included as part of the tour package, setting the stage for yet another exhilarating day ahead.

Advanced Rider Training

Supercharge your riding skills and become a more confident, safer rider with our Enhanced Rider Scheme Training.



UNLEASH YOUR INNER ADVENTURER: Unleash your inner adventurer on our motorcycle tour through the stunning landscapes of Wales, as we head to the seaside destination of Aberystwyth. This thrilling journey caters to riders of all levels, offering a variety of road types to keep things exciting. Our thoughtfully crafted routes will lead you through breath-taking stretches with minimal traffic, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable ride. You’ll be riding through open and sweeping bends that reveal stunning vistas as well enhancing your skills as you navigate smaller, winding lanes that add a touch of challenge and excitement to the expedition. Get ready to experience the best of Wales on this unforgettable adventure!

LET US BE YOUR LOCAL GUIDES: Leave the logistics to us; we handle all the planning. Simply show up and follow our expert guides along the pre-planned route, making the tour hassle-free and allowing you to focus on the ride. To accommodate varying paces within the group, our three tour guides will adeptly split the pack (if required), ensuring everyone can ride at a comfortable pace and make the most of the tour.

UNFORGETTABLE MEMORIES: We are firm believers that a motorcycle tour should be a journey of unforgettable moments without a trace of stress. That’s precisely why we meticulously attend to every detail, from arranging cosy accommodations and ensuring seamless logistics. Your only task is to arrive, hop on your bike, and enjoy the road ahead. Leave all the rest to us.

EVERYONE’S WELCOME: Experience levels vary among participants, and all are welcome to join this tour. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to motorcycle tours, this route is catered to everyone. So, Join us on this fantastic tour to Aberystwyth where the breath-taking beauty of Wales converges with the sheer joy of motorcycling. Ensure your participation by reserving your spot through our convenient online booking system or by reaching out to our office via telephone.