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The Ultimate Welsh Motorcycle Tour!


Duration: This thrilling journey spans over two days, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes and diverse attractions of Wales

Mileage: Get ready to conquer the roads as you cover an impressive 130-160 miles each day. Feel the exhilaration of the wind in your hair and the freedom of the open road as you navigate through the twists and turns of this iconic region.

Expert Guides: Your safety and enjoyment are our top priorities. That’s why we provide not just one, but three experienced tour guides who will lead the way, ensuring you have a smooth and unforgettable experience throughout the tour.

Group Size: Our tours are designed for intimate and personalized experiences. You’ll be part of a small group of fellow motorcycle enthusiasts, with a maximum of eight customers. This allows for a friendly and sociable atmosphere, where you can share stories, make new friends, and create memories together.

Practicalities: You’ll enjoy comfortable accommodation with bed and breakfast, providing a restful haven after an exhilarating day of riding. We also offer a safe space to lock up your bikes, ensuring their security throughout your stay. And to top it all off, we welcome you with a refreshing pint upon your arrival, setting the tone for a fantastic adventure in Wales.

Advanced Rider Training

Supercharge your riding skills and become a more confident, safer rider with our Enhanced Rider Scheme Training.



Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: Take your love for motorcycles to new heights with our guided rides through the stunning landscapes of Wales. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you navigate the thrilling twists and turns of the country’s winding roads, surrounded by breathtaking scenery at every corner. It’s time to fuel your adventurous spirit and embark on a journey that will leave you craving for more.

Let Us Be Your Local Guides: Leave the hassle of planning and navigating to us. Our experienced local guides know Wales like the back of their hands. They’ll take you on the most scenic routes, revealing hidden gems, and sharing fascinating stories about the area’s rich history and vibrant culture. Sit back, relax, and trust us to show you the best of Wales while you focus on enjoying the ride.

Unforgettable Memories, Made Easy: We believe that a motorcycle tour should be about creating unforgettable memories without any stress. That’s why we take care of all the details, from arranging comfortable accommodations to providing delicious meals and seamless logistics. All you have to do is show up, hop on your bike, and immerse yourself in the beauty of Wales. Let us handle the rest, so you can focus on making memories that will last a lifetime.

Gear up, join us on a guided ride through the captivating landscapes of Wales, and experience the thrill of the open road in one of the UK’s most stunning destinations. Trust us to be your guides, as we take care of the planning, navigate the routes, and ensure you have an unforgettable adventure. Get ready for an experience that combines the freedom of riding with the unparalleled beauty of nature and the warmth of Welsh hospitality. Reserve your spot today and get ready to ride into the enchanting landscapes of Wales!